Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!?

Errrr..... Monday. Whatever. I couldn't wait.  I stayed up until after 11pm (which is way late for me) trying to watch all of the Grammys.  Barbara Streisand put me to sleep though so I had to call it a night, so this dose of "What's Up With That!?" features only through her performance. 

Sorry I couldn't wait until Wednesday, some of the clothing (and performances) were just too terrible to put off a few more days without commentary.

First up, I watched the red carpet show.  While some stars dazzled the red carpet, others left me with raised eyebrows and disapproving head nods. 

Katy Perry - why did no one comment on her wings? How could Ryan Seacrest NOT say anything about her wings, simply only asking who did her dress? How about who's brilliant (sarcasm) idea was it to add wings to this dress?

Next up, Rihanna. What the heck!? I can see everything. Everything! Who thought this was a good idea.  Worse - I actually saw her listed on some one's best dressed list this morning. HUH!?

Some chick who's name I don't even know from Glee is next on my list.  Check out her necklace/shoulder pad thingy.  What is that? Ick.

Next up, Hayley from Paramore (sorry Laura) AND Pauley Perrette (from NCIS).  I love them both and they are both adorable girls, but their dresses didn't do anything for their cute figures.  It made Hayley look like she had a boy figure and Pauley look like she was ridiculously tall.... and weird looking.

Gwyneth Paltrow - although her outfit was okay, boring at best, her earrings looked like they belonged.... somewhere else. Hideous. Oh and I was not impressed with her singing performance either for that matter.

Heidi Klum - a gorgeous woman with the wrong dress.  This dress made her body shape look really really weird.  Poor choice whoever dressed her.

Miley Cyrus - although her dress wasn't all together bad, her side boob is what ruined it.  They were like hanging out the sides, made it totally trashy and just plain blah.  I couldn't get a good pic, but you can sorta see in the below pic.  Also, totally unimpressed with her jewelery, if that's what you even call it?

Uhhh.... did you guys check out this outfit? I don't know what's worse, the outfit or the hair. I think I have to go with the hair. Thank you Nicki Minaj for being a complete eye sore.

The cake has to go, however, to Cee Lo Green (although Nicki was a close second). He looks like a ghetto big bird.  I don't even know what else to say.  I think the photo speaks for itself.....

There were many other questionable get-ups, but these are the ones that really stood out to me and made me say "What's up with that!?". 

The performances were also iffy - Bob Dylan - please don't ever sing again.  I almost had to put the TV on mute, it was painful for us listeners to suffer through, even with the talent you had attempting to sing over you so we didn't have to listen to your god-awful voice.

Mick Jagger - settle down. You're 67 years old, clearly on something and obviously think you still possess some type of sex appeal.  You don't.  Stop now. 

Barbara Streisand.  Ugh, it was about here when I started to snooze and had to go to bed.  Her performance was beyond boring.  Why did they have her again?

Rihanna - I love you but you were NOT on your A game.  Many-a-note were way off.  Katy Perry - this goes for you too.  It was bad.

Justin Beiber - Can't stand him.  I honestly thought he only had one song, so I must say I was surprised when he sang a different song other than that annoying "Baby baby baby ooooh".... blah blah blah. Shut up. 

Well that wraps it up for my Wednesday's (errr Monday's) What's Up With That!? Who do you think was the worst dressed or delivered the worst performance of the night?


Laura Hall said...

HAHA! I definitely didn't get my feelings hurt, you called it right on MOST things. :) Darn that Lady Antebellum song though, gah!! Thankfully, my adorable son serenaded me with The Only Exception this morning to break it out of my head. :)

What did you think of Arcade Fire, their performance and them getting Album of the Year? I hated the first "song" they did, but the second one after the award wasn't bad! I am still sort of surprised that after a night of safe picks with the awards (in my opinion, the choices that were made were very obvious and not really pushing any envelopes), they were chosen for that particular acknowledgement.

My picks of the night, Eminem and Mumford & Sons who will be joining my iPod asap! :)

Elizabeth said...

I went to sleep before Arcade Fire played so I didn't get to see them. I did tape it, so hopefully I can catch up on it tomorrow after work. I've never heard of them though. Shrug. I don't know about safe picks - I've never even heard of the gal who won Best New Artist. I felt it should have gone to Drake.

coconutandchartreuse said...

Have you actually seen a Rihanna or Katy Perry live performance where they weren't completely off key? Because I, for one, haven't. They both rely heavily on sound editing.

Elizabeth said...

haha very true Shannon! Touche!