Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Post - YAY!

Howdy! This is the first blog post of my first blog ever.  Exciting to say the least!  After being a long time reader of a variety of genres of blogs, I have decided to finally jump on the wagon and get started.  I haven't quite decided on the extent of what this blog will entail, but I predict it will be an eclectic mix of personal experiences, reviews, and just thoughts on whatever happens to pop into my mind at any given time. 

My randomness and my wandering thoughts and ideas led to the title of this blog, Erratically Elizabeth, as I am just that - erratic

I do hope you stick around and enjoy.  Of course feel free to comment and provide feedback as well.  Thanks again for reading. Hasta Pasta!

PS: Happy Groundhog's Day!

1 comment:

Amy Musser said...

yay Elizabeth! I love reading blogs, no matter the content, as long as they are people I know (or know someone I know =) and it is great since they help me to procastinate when I don't want to do work! Looking forward to more.