Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Renovation: Master Bedroom Progress

Here is yet another post documenting the progress of our new home. 

When we first looked at the house we are currently in (when the prior owners were still living there), the master bedroom was empty.  However it was evident we would need to immediately replace the floor as the carpet was soiled from their pets and smelled.  We also would need to paint.  The prior owners had a relatively neutral primary paint color, but the accent wall was burgundy.  Our bedding was tropical - lime greens and teals, so the burgundy would not blend. 

Here is what the house looked like when we first looked at the house (prior owners still living there):

(you can kinda sorta see the blue nasty carpet here)

(the burgundy wall - all of those white spots were random holes we had to fill in???)

Here is after the new flooring was put in and we had painted the walls - we also did not have furniture at this point and were sleeping on a trundle bed, jealous? LOL.

(temporary bedding only, I realize it doesn't match)

(my vision was that the accent wall would be a different shade of green, which it is, but I don't love it)

Here is what it currently looks like (yay furniture):

We still have a ways to go with more decor needed, a television, blinds/shutters, etc.  I will keep you posted as we continue to work on our home.

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