Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This is really a follow up or update to last week's Thankful Thursday post found here

Unfortunately with the burglary of our home we were unable to visit our new baby cousin last week, so we had a rain check until this past Monday.

Tim and I took breakfast down, as we both had the day off, and got to see my cousin and her husband and their two beautiful sons.  Here is the newest addition to their family.  Meet Jack (posing ever so angelically with my husband and I):

Again, we are so thankful that he is healthy and that his mama is doing well.  Big brother also appears to be doing well and I just know he will make an excellent big brother. 


Carmen said...

He's adorable! There's just something wonderful about holding a newborn babe in our arms, don't you agree? =D

Random Rants said...

What a couple of cuties and the baby is adorable too! Thanks for the Follow!

Laura Hall said...

You're a natural! :D He is a doll, congrats again to the whole family!!

Mary ❤ Mur said...

i love your blog so much.))*

Jen said...

What a beautiful baby! I love this pic of you guys, too! You are such an adorable couple.