Friday, February 18, 2011

Fanciful Friday

I am in love with the brand Nambe.  Nambe is a brand (sold at Macy's and I'm sure other retailers) that feature elegant home products such as barware, dinnerware, frames, etc.  You can check out their website here

I was first turned on to Nambe by pure chance.  My husband and I used to go garage saling with my father every Saturday.  We really initially did it just to spend time with him, but as time progressed we got really into finding great deals.  Most of my holiday decor for all of the various holidays is made up of items bought at garage/yard sales. 

Anyways, one day we went to a garage sale and they had 3 gorgeous sets of salt and pepper shakers, all in their boxes.  The boxes were a little beat up, but the product was gorgeous and looked new.  I had never heard of the brand, Nambe, but being recently engaged I thought these would be gorgeous on our future dining table.  So we bought one set.... for fifty cents.

After garage saling each weekend Tim and I would proudly lay all of our items out in my parents living room to show off our finds.  My mother picked up the salt and pepper shakers and said "Nambe!?".  I shrugged and asked if she had heard of it.  She nodded and said it was a very expensive and high end brand. 

I immediately googled the item and found it online (pictured below).  I also discovered that this salt and pepper shaker set that I had fallen in love with retailed for $80.00.  WHY had I not purchased all 3 sets!? These would have made lovely gifts.  Ahhh! Hindsight is 20/20 eh?

my salt and pepper shakers (Kissing Salt and Pepper) OWN

Shortly thereafter Tim and I set up our wedding registry at a few stores including Macy's.  I fell in love with just about every Nambe product, BUT it was expensive and not an item I NEEDED as much as I WANTED them.  So we only put one or two Nambe items on our registry. 

We did receive a set of gorgeous coasters as a Christmas gift this year, pictured below.

coasters OWN

I still have a wishlist of Nambe products, but I will share with you just a few of my favorites.

 wine coaster

 salad servers

 nativity scene (this is just part of it) (I did receive the Angel from my husband for my bday!)

condiment bowls

Aren't their products just gorgeous?! Well thank you for reading.  Do you own any Nambe products or have any on your wish list? Leave me a comment and share! 

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Jen said...

Wow, they are gorgeous. I am jealous of your garage sale finds lol. I wish I were a morning person. I love the condiment plates, that is so neat!