Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Papercrafting Party?

I'm considering hosting a little scrapbook/papercrafting party at my house in the next month or so.  My idea is to have 2 or 3 projects that everyone would get to make and take home (and the idea being that you would learn  how to do it and could replicate it at your own home to make more later). 

There would probably be a fee for the supplies but probably under $20 per person.

Is this anything anyone would be interested in?

I really need to get back into crafting, I miss it so much.  First I need to set up the craft room and unpack all of my scrapbook gear I suppose. LOL. I had so much fun making my friend Jenny's baby shower invitations, it really made me remember how much I enjoy crafting. 

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Jen said...

Not sure if I would be able to go, just because of the distance, but it sounds like fun!