Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Prediction

It's my most favorite time of year - Superbowl time!! It could only be better if my beloved Denver Broncos were one of the teams playing, sadly they aren't, but I do enjoy and watch the Superbowl each year religiously nonetheless. 

I'm not really a Packers or Steelers fan.  I have nothing against either team, but they just aren't in my top 5.  Packers may have a slight advantage in my book as I did have Aaron Rodgers as my Fantasy Football QB last year (not this year - thanks Kim - hmph) and ended up winning 1st place. 

After much research and reading, I have determined that I will go with the Steelers.  Don't get me wrong, I will be rooting for Green Bay just to make it fun as I'm fairly certain most of the people I am celebrating with are rooting for the Steelers, but my actual prediction is Steelers. 

How did I come to this realization you ask? Well, because EA Sports told me so.  Every year EA Sports uses Madden to conduct a simulation of the game.  You're probably thinking that's a really lame way to pick who is going to win Elizabeth..... well, what if you heard that the Madden game has predicted correctly 6 of the last 7 winners? Not only that, but they have been close in scores on several occasions including the Steelers victories in 2006 and 2009.  Still don't believe me? Check out the article here for yourself:

Tim and I will be spending the Superbowl at a friends house in Lake Elsinore.  I'm hoping there are games, I love games.  I did get in on a game through work, but the numbers I ended up with are 7 (Steelers) and 5 (Packers).  5 is a pretty difficult number to get.  Here's hoping for a weird safety or two though! It was $10 a square so over the coarse of the game it's $1000 payout which ain't too shabby.  Fingers crossed!

Note - a 5 has has been the last number in the final score of a Superbowl competitor only 4 times since 1967.  Hmph.

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Laura said...

If anyone has the luck to make the improbable possible, it's you! :)