Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!?

Remember growing up as a child and watching football with your Dad? My favorite part was always the celebration dances.  I lived for them.  I even selected my favorite football players based on their celebration dances when I was a child.  (Note - in case you were curious my favorite player growing up was the 49ers Merton Hanks - safety - who had the coolest interception dance ever!  He was later traded to the Seahawks and I lost all interest, lol).   

Now, however, a 15 yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff will be imposed for "excessive celebrations".  What's up with that!? This is nothing new, as this was put into effect in late 2009, but I'm still upset.  What is "excessive"?  That seems a little subjective don't you think? Furthermore, what is the purpose of taking this relatively harmless yet widely entertaining action out of football games? Who was it harming? Now what will a little girl look forward to while watching football with her Daddy?

A friend of mine recently brought up a fabulous idea, and I'm going to throw it out there in my blog today.  What if after a play or touchdown you had a specified amount of time to celebrate - let's say 15 seconds.  Anything over the 15 seconds would be subject to the aforementioned penalty.  At the end of the year the NFL players and/or fans would vote on their favorite dances of the season and the winner would be announced as part of the pre-superbowl or pro-bowl festivites. 

Now wouldn't that be more fun?!

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