Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am going to write about my husband.  When I told him I started a blog he immediately asked, "Is it about me!?".  Unfortunately (fortunately?) this blog is not all about Tim, maybe I will start a second blog all about Tim some day, but in the interim, this post will do. 

I truly do have an amazing husband.  Believe it or not we met on nearly 4 years ago (I believe it was early May 2007).  We chatted for a few weeks until he peer pressured me into meeting for a date (5/27/2007).  After our first date I never looked back. 

He is patient, forgiving, generous, passionate, caring, and the most loving man I have ever known.  He always puts me first and I know he loves me with all of his heart. 

Best of all, he loves me for me.  Even with all of my flaws and moods, he loves me, he supports me, and he never turns his back on me. 

I was fortunate to marry this wonderful man on August 21, 2010.  We are currently enjoying being newlyweds and I try to show him every day how thankful I am to have him in my life. 

I love you Timmy.


Jen said...

awww, that is so sweet!! I never knew you met online. Me and my hubby met online too lol, except we met in a chat room and he also peer pressured me to meet him. Turned out he lived within walking distance from me. Weird, huh? Anyway, you guys are so cute together!!! I am so happy that you are happy and that you have an awesome husband to share your life with! You deserve it.

Elizabeth said...

aww thanks Jen! How funny that you guys lived so close! we did not unfortunately :( lol. I always hate when people diss relationships that started online. I think they're great because then you really get to know one another before meeting, kwim?

Jen said...

Can I just say that....about 75% of the time that I look at your blog, I read it as Erotically Elizabeth. LOL just had to share.

Elizabeth said...

haha that is more fun!

Carmen said...

What a great story! So glad you found your soul mate. I think more and more people are meeting online these days! :)