Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Operation Home Security

In light of the recent burglary at my residence, Timmy and I have decided to revamp our security at home.

Alarm - Check.  This was already in place and the key reason why we were fortunate enough not to be cleaned out.  We have asked for additional stickers to put on each and every window.  Although we had a sign up in the front yard, that did not stop the burglars from selecting our home, perhaps if they are reminded by a sticker at all possible entrances they will think twice before trying again.

Siren - our neighbors indicated they heard nothing.  We installed this siren which is so completely ear piercing Hellen Keller might be able to hear it.  Okay that was a politically incorrect joke, but you get my point.  This is being installed.

Window locks - these cheap but handy little buggers from Home Depot that basically don't allow you to slide open the window, instead they would have to break the window which could draw more attention. These have been purchased and implemented.

Blinds/shutters - yep, we didn't have them in all the windows yet.  We've been talking about it, but had been putting it off as we did other home repairs and purchases that we wanted more.  Well, these are needed, so we met with a blinds company over the weekend and we are now proud owners of new blinds/shutters.  I will be posting photos once they are installed - some this weekend and the shutters not for a few more weeks.

Curtains - I need to measure our slider and get the dimensions so that I can have curtains made.  This is my goal in the next few weeks.  Will post pictures once they are up. 

We are going to add a few more locks and precautions to our garage doors as well.

We also went around and exchanged numbers with a few more of our neighbors.  Unfortunately where we live (not sure if it's only like this in SoCal), neighbors don't necessarily get to know each other.  In fact, we hardly see most of our neighbors and only about 3 have introduced themselves to us since we moved in over 6 months ago. 

What do you do to make sure your home is secure? Share your ideas here! 


Mrs. K said...

We recently added some monsterous lights to the side of the house in addition to keeping the dogs outside when we're not home. They make a lot of noise when people get close and I think the lights deter people from entering the spotlight! Our neighbors warned us when we first moved here that our particular house had been broken into a couple times so we wanted to be as prepared as possible. I think the various "warning alarm protected home" signs are helpful, too!

Elizabeth said...

The lights are a great idea! We have a few but I would like to get some more motion activated ones along the back and side. Right now the fronts are motion activated and one in the back. Thanks for the reminder!

Hopefully your lights have worked and you haven't had any problems!

Jen said...

sounds like a great plan, it just sucks that you have to do all this. I still cant believe your house was broken into. You know, they have video surveillance systems you can get for pretty cheap. maybe even having the monitors outside alone would deter someone.

*~Petra~* said...

I'm so sorry you had this happen. How horrible! We have had an increase of crime in our neighborhood and have just recently initiated a neighborhood watch program. You can call your city and ask what they have available. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and watch out for eachother.

Also, the lights are a BIG deterrent. With the new watch, everyone in the neighborhood has put on their lights and we are lit up like a stadium all night!

Those little window locks are awesome. Also, make sure you secure your man door in to the garage as that is one of the main ways they enter. We installed a wooden 2x4 across it from the inside that we can remove if we want to use it.

Finally, make sure you replace the small screws that come in all your outside door hinges with longer, sturdier ones. That's what I can think of off hand. Good luck.

Elizabeth said...

Great suggestions Petra! Thank you so much! We're doing the 2x4 for sure, I hadn't heard of the hinges, awesome.

We've been considering a neighborhood watch. Our concern is we think the intruder might be someone in the neighborhood :( eek!