Saturday, February 12, 2011

Game Night and Recipe Reviews

Last night's game night was a hit! All the food turned out pretty well and everyone seemed to have fun.  Guests left around midnight.

See my prior post here for links to all recipes.

Pulled pork - well Walmart (don't even get me started on my Walmart rant) only had ONE type of pork - so I had to work with it - it was a bone in pork shoulder - 10 pounder.  Unfortunately it didn't yield a lot of meat and it wasn't the most tender meat making it a PITA to shred, but it tasted fine.

Tim's ribs turned out pretty well, but may have been cooked a tad too long.

The chex mix was the only thing I didn't love. It was a little too sticky. Although it tasted okay, the stickiness made it less appealing.

The fruit kabob and dip was scrump (yep, my own abbreviation for scrumptious).  The dip was absolutely divine, I could eat it plain with a spoon.

The punch was marvelous.  Even the pregos enjoyed it and the non-pregos enjoyed adding the little extra vodka.  It was so tasty that you couldn't even tell that it had vodka in it - making for a lovely headache today.

The upside down pineapple cake shots were a perfect touch.  They were spot on so a big THANK YOU to my coworker for that suggestion.

The macaroni salad turned out really well.  I don't usually enjoy macaroni salad but I really liked the addition of bacon - let's be honest, how can anything with bacon be bad?

The upside down pineapple cake was good as well, although we barely had enough for everyone - it really serves 9 and we had 15 people.  It could have been cooked a tad longer (it was a little moist) but everyone gobbled theirs up and we served it with vanilla ice cream.

I did find the recipe for the appetizer I mentioned in my previous post, pineapple wrapped ham with cherries on toothpicks - all displayed in a pineapple.  I thought it was a great touch to my Hawaiian themed night.  Check out the recipe here.

Here a couple photos of the food and layout.  Thanks for reading :)

 macaroni salad

pulled pork


drink station


drink and appetizer table set-up


Amy Musser said...

Looks great! Glad you all had fun!

JJ Wex said...

this is caitlin - everything was amazing thank you so much for hosting ANOTHER wonderful game night friend xxoo