Thursday, February 3, 2011

Manic for Macarons!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macarons.... NOT macaroons. Totally different. 

A coworker of mine just got back from France where she fell in love with a little cake like pastry called a macaron.  She has raved about them constantly since getting back in early January. 

Well about a week ago she found a little store in Beverly Hills and picked up a few for herself (ya thanks for thinking of me).  During that visit she saw a sign that stated they were "naturally gluten free".  She told me this and I immediately commenced research for a macaron store in Riverside county.  Of course, I did not find one.  I did, however, find a store by the name of Napoleon's Macarons ( that overnights a package of 24,36 or 48.  My other coworker (my secretary) and I were licking our chops looking at all the tasty flavor options and planning when we would purchase our first box. 

Today a box came by delivery addressed to me.  My secretary had purchased a box for me!!!! Yes I realize I have the best secretary in the whole wide world. 

I am glad I remembered to take a photo before I gobbled them all up.  Its a box of 24 with 4 each of 6 different flavors.  I have eaten 5 so far.  It's hard to hold back.  They are little tasty bites of heaven!

I highly recommend this product (and Napoleon's in particular) to anyone interested.  I shall immediately be forwarding a link to Tim and inform him he may surprise me with a box any time his little heart desires (hehe). 

Excuse me, I have 19 more to go. Okay, fine, I'll share with my coworkers.


Jen said...

oh my, those look like heaven!!! Now I want to try them lol.

Amy Musser said...

I've heard of those on cooking shows, but never had one...sounds delicious!