Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!?

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm a Denver Broncos fan. Sigh.
I'm a little frustrated with some of decisions that have been made thus far.  I know there are throngs of these types of blogs or articles circulating around the internet of upset and unhappiness, but I too want to add mine. 

So let me tell it like this - if your team posted the second WORST record in the NFL this season (yes we get the 2nd overall draft pick blah blah blah who cares), WHY would you hire the ONLY coach in the NFL with a WORSE record that yours (aka John Fox)!? WHY!? What's up with that!?

I didn't necessarily think that firing McDaniels was necessary either.  I don't think it was him.  If anyone should have been fired it should have been the Defensive Coordinator.  I have never been so embarrassed as a Broncos fan as that mortifying loss to the Raiders this season..... AT HOME! The UPS delivery guy for our office building (a huge Raiders fanatic who I constantly talk smack to) came in and hugged me and did some sort of jig.  He didn't even have a delivery!

Our defense has been horrendous.  Simply horrendous.  There is really no other word to describe it.  Yes, the Defensive Coordinator falls under the head coach, but I still think the Defensive Coordinator should have been fired over McDaniels..... and then to replace McDaniels with Studesville!? Seriously? At that time I believe we were ranked 4th or so in passing but 30th (out of 32 for those of you not as into football as I) in rushing.  So why would you pick the running back coach to be interim head coach? Because he was doing such a stellar job? Clearly no. 

Ugh. I believe there were many picks far superior to John Fox for the head coaching position of the Denver Broncos.  However, I'm not in charge, I just get to whine about it in my "Wednesday's What's Up With That!?". 

Let's hope/pray/think good thoughts/etc. that next year's (the 2011-2012) season isn't as embarrassing as the past few seasons have been and that we can actually put up a winning record. 

Nevertheless, I will remain a true Broncos fan.  I will continue to root for them each and every week.  I now, however, have my outlet for my increasing frustration thanks to my new blog (yay).

ps: I'm still super irritated they traded Tony Scheffler to the Lions last year - he was my fave (insert grumpy face here)!

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