Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jenny's Baby Shower Invitations

I was given the task of creating the baby shower invitations for one of my dear friends baby showers which will take place next month. 

Her mother sent me the below picture as a sample idea of what the mama-to-be picked out to give me an idea of what she liked.

My friends' colors are pink and brown.  Mine would be hand made, so I needed to brainstorm as to how to incorporate this idea my friend liked into a homemade card.

I immediately ordered a Cricut cartridge titled New Arrival from ebay.  This cartridge included a onesie design that I thought would work perfectly.  Next, a girlfriend and I went to our local Michael's to pick out some paper.  Unfortunately the store only had 3 small print pink and brown patterned paper, so it was time to get creative. 

After several hours of brainstorming, I came up with the following design:

I just have to finish the interior which will be all of the details (who, where, when, etc).

It's my first time crafting since before the wedding (August).  Feels so nice to be back at it :)


Donna said...

Great job on the shower invites! They are gorgeous! Pink and brown is one of my all time fave colour combos! Glad to see you getting back to crafting (and blogging!!)

Amy Musser said...

Woohoo...can't wait to get one in the mail =)