Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home Renovation: Kitchen progress

So when Tim and I first had a tour of our current house, when the prior owners were still living in it (with all of their ish), it looked like this (yikes):

Ya, I dunno.  It was a really weird set-up.

After the previous owners moved out and we were able to get rid of all of their stuff, we were ready to paint.  I know some people have red, we just don't love red, not our color, not our style, and didn't really go with the rest of the house or the kitchen IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Here is Tim taping off the kitchen getting ready to paint.

We ended up just painting it to match the rest of the walls - a pretty neutral color.  Here was an update after painting - oh that's me in the kitchen.  Be sure to catch this rare glimpse (rare being me in the kitchen)! haha.

I know you're seeing the 2 microwaves and thinking, "What the heck? you guys must really like microwavable dinners".  No.  The prior owners failed to mention the microwave was broken.  Luckily Tim had a countertop one that we could use in the interim. 

Since that time we have gotten a new microwave (on a killer black Friday deal btw).  I also got gorgeous barstools from Santa featured in this photo as well.  Here is how the kitchen appears now:

We still obviously have a lot of work to do.  I would still like to get a new fridge (stainless) to match the stove and microwave (ours is temperamental and decides to leak randomly).  The dishwasher is black, but whatever.  I would like to paint the cabinets - probably dark.  I would eventually also like to get granite counters.  And SOMEDAY I would like to change the whole layout of the kitchen as the pantry being right behind the garage door is very inconvenient.  It will be baby steps though.  First step will be the fridge. 

Just wanted to provide some photos of the progress we have made in our new house (which we moved into in July).  Thanks for looking.  I will be posting pics on various aspects of our house as we work on them.  I know it'll never be done, and it's definitely a SLOW process!


Jen said...

Wow, the progress is amazing, though. What a difference. It really looks great, and you look totally cute in the kitchen with your apron on lol. I am so jealous of your kitchen. Our kitchen is TINY (the one thing I hate about our house, it's like apartment sized, IF that. We have hardly any counter space. Ultimately though, it was worth the small kitchen because we loved the rest of the house. I cant wait to see the rest of the progress as it moves along. And I want to see more pics of the house!

Laura Hall said...

It looks so much better since you guys have done the work! I've seen stainless covers for the front of the dishwasher on a couple of home improvement shows, might be worth looking into! :)

Serendipity Chic Design said...

That is a huge improvement Elizabeth. You're right, the spoons in my giveaway would go great in there...

Good luck!