Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diaper Wreaths

I apologize for being MIA - I am trying to get back into the swing of things after a very busy holiday season.  I will be posting a few posts as catch up for what's happened in my absence. 

First, the day after my dear friend Caitlin's wedding I went to another dear friend, Amy's, baby shower.  Due to the fact that I was crunched on time I put together a wreath rather than a cake using diapers.  I had seen this idea somewhere on the internet a long time ago, but basically just created this using supplies I had on hand. 

I had a straw wreath, ribbon and diapers, which I used to create the base of the wreath.  I then added a stuffed pooh softie (the baby's room is pooh themed) and some other baby doo-dads (games, books and hair clips).  I think for my first attempt it turned out pretty well.  I am looking forward to expanding on this idea.  It's a little different then the ever increasing cakes, and I'm thinking it would be easier to ship and therefore may be a better possibility for etsy sales.  I recently purchased some goodies on Zulily - if you've never checked it out you MUST! It's a site that features daily deals for babies and women - up to 90% off! Check it out here.  Anywho, I recently purchased a bunch of clearance items that I hope to use on future wreaths - I'm thinking a Dr. Suess themed wreath would be an adorable gender neutral gift, don't you?

Amy has since had her beautiful baby girl - so congrats are in order to Amy!

Thanks as always for looking, and for staying with my in my absence!