Monday, March 21, 2011

Fanciful Friday..... errrr Monday

Many of you know the blogosphere decided to be silent on Friday in support and prayer for Japan. 

Thus, my weekly Fanciful Friday is today a Fanciful Monday. 

Many of you know, and some do not, that my husband and I bought our first house in July.  I have mentioned in previous posts that much of our house is still, well, empty.  The rooms that aren't empty have barren walls.  So today's edition will focus on some home decor that I've had my eye on, some of which are on my lineup of weekly buys (my husband and I agreed to a small weekly budget towards home decor..... very small).  So without further ado, here we go.

These birds on pedestals are beautiful IMHO and would go great in not only my living room but also my bedroom.  You can find them here.

Okay so hear me out - I love these placemats, and if you look back to my master bedroom post (found here) you will notice that they go PERFECTLY with my bedding.  Art can be expensive, so I am thinking that I can buy these and use the 40% off custom framing coupons that Michael's has every week to have these custom framed and you won't even be able to tell they are placemats.  I'm thinking 3 in a row vertically over my bed will look great.  You can check them out here. ps: I just saw they were on sale so I purchased the 3 right now. WOOT! PURCHASED

Check out these awesome hive vases here. I love the look of these - WAY cool.  All of these colors would go splendidly with my home - again living room or bedroom.

I love these twine balls.  In fact I have an almost identical bowl on my coffee table (courtesy of my dear cousin Jill) that they would go perfectly in.  I also think the balls would look nice in a large hurricane (maybe if you bought 2 sets so you had 8 balls).  You can check them out here.  These are next on my list to buy as the price is just right.  PURCHASED

Well thanks for looking and I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!


Laura Anne said...

I love your idea of framing placemats for artwork, they're going to look great! And let me tell ya, they make great throw pillows too! :)

Elizabeth said...

I know, now I'm thinking I should have ordered 2 more and paid someone to make me 2 pillows! meh!

Jessica said...

The place mats are such a great idea!! They match perfectly. I think the birds are very cute & the yarn balls too.

Jen said...

It's all really pretty!! I love the idea of using the place mats for art! Also, I had no idea about any silent Friday. hmph.

Lynne DeVenny said...

Way to score the placemats :) I love those 40% off framing coupons, and have gotten some great original artwork for my walls simply by having some of my daughters' school and summer camp art projects framed.