Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Skype

Today I am thankful for Skype - as I'm sure many of us are.  Although when my husband was on Active Duty and deployed he was on a ship, and thus Skype was not an option for us, I know of many military members who utilize this service to communicate and "see" their families back home.  In fact, one of my girlfriends gave birth while her husband was away and her husband was able to "witness" this magnificent event through Skype.

Personally, I love Skype because I am able to communicate and "see" my husband while he is on business trips, which he has been quite often.  It's nice to see his face and his smile.  Sometimes we just Skype but go about our own business - me working around the house and he doing homework, not even really talking, but pretending we are in the same location.  It's nice sometimes. 

We also enjoy using Skype to communicate with Tim's parents, siblings, friends, and other family who are all in Michigan.  It's great to have a free service from which we can talk to people in Michigan from our cozy couch in California.  We recently gave a "tour" so to speak of our house to Tim's dad's family who weren't able to make it out to California for the wedding or to see our new house.  That was so nice to have that option. 

What a fabulous invention!


StaceyN said...

Skype is wonderful! I love that it's free for people to use. I used it a lot on Joseph's last deployment for the Navy. =)

Amy Musser said...

I love skype as well!!! Of course I found out about it long after the long-distance part of my relationship was over, but it is/was nice to talk to family on it! Pat's cousin even had her Jamaican wedding broadcast to family back home who couldn't make it!