Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tutorial Tuesdays - home decor

In case you've noticed, I'm on a home decor kick as the hubs and I work on decorating our home; therefore, today's Tutorial Tuesday will feature some neat-o home decor DIY tutorials that I have come across and just had to share.  Most of these I have already shared on my crafting forum Miss Imagination, that I run with my dear friend Jen, but not everyone who reads may belong to that forum, so I thought I would share here as well.  Enjoy!!

Check out these gorgeous glass colored vases! I have picked up quite a few at yard sales for a quarter a piece since reading this fab tutorial (found here) on Starshine Chic's blog.  I just need to pick up some crafting paint the next time I hit up Michael's (or even Walmart) so I can try this out! ps: If you check out my last garage sale finds post you will see I picked some up this past weekend!

(photo courtesy of Starshine Chic)

So ya, when I saw this next tutorial my jaw practically hit the floor.  Look how AMAZING this faux metal wall art looks (check out the tutorial here).  You will NEVER guess what it's made from without checking out the tutorial (hint - it's not metal).  I am seriously blown away at the craftiness and sheer amazingness from Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom. I would LOVE to try this, I just have to find the patience.

(photo courtesy of Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom)

This is such a cute (and easy) craft! Best yet, you can find 2 plates you love and make something that matches your kitchen, or theme exactly! Most tiered stands are so plain, but not this one! Way cool! Check out the tutorial here from Two Shades of Pink.  This girl is so crafty!

(photo courtesy of Two Shades of Pink)

That's all for today folks, although the Internet has TONS more of these amazing home decor crafts for you to find and complete as well.  Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to try any of these quite yet, but they're all in my nifty "Crafts I wanna complete" folder on my home computer :)



Suzy said...

Thanks so much for featuring my faux metal wall art!! You made my day!


Amy Musser said...

I love all of these ideas!!! thanks for sharing!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Thanks for featuring my vases. It was a super easy project (the only kind I do).

Two Shades of Pink said...

Elizabeth! You are so sweet to feature my tiered dessert plates! Thank you for your kind words on your adorably cute blog! Every comment you leave blesses me so much. Hugs!