Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!?

So I love dance.  I grew up dancing ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc.  I even took a swing class many years back.  Naturally I love the dancing shows - specifically So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). 

Monday night the upcoming stars for the new seasons of DWTS was announced........ boy was I disappointed. 

The following are the new season's cast of "stars".... and I use that term loosely:

1) Chelsea Kane - WHO? Seriously, never heard of her.  Ever.  Her photo doesn't even ring a bell.

2) Chris Jericho - Huh? Who's that? Apparently a wrestler or something. I don't watch wrestling, but I do watch ESPN news in the morning each and every weekday and to my knowledge I've NEVER heard his name mentioned.  Again, I'm staring blankly at his photo, although he's somewhat easy on the eyes.

3) Hines Ward - FINALLY a person I not only recognize the name, but is a legitimate "star" so to speak (in the sports field anyways).  I like him.  My husband does not.  Although football players have historically done pretty well on this show.... I'm just saying.

4) Kendra Wilkinson - Oh no. PLEASE NO! I hate her.  There are very few people that I hate.  Few people that get on my nerves as much as this person.  I've literally watched all of 5 minutes of that most ridiculous show (The Girls Next Door) and immediately had to turn it off as I was losing brain cells at a rapid pace.  I also (unfortunately) saw her interviewed on Chelsea Lately.  She's so..... crass.  Ugh. No!

5) Kirstie Alley - Okay. I've heard of her. I know who she is. She's a "B-list star" at most, but eh, I don't care either way on this one.  She comes across as having a strong personality, so we will see how that goes.  Maybe she'll be the next Kate (from Jon and Kate Plus 8). 

6) Mike Catherwood - refer to person number one. Ditto. Oh, replace "her" with "him". 

7) Petra Nemcova - shrug. Who is this? I VAGUELY remember a story of a model and a tsunami, but I would never have come up with her name, nor would I have recognized her photo. 

8) Ralph Macchio - so I've heard of the Karate Kid but never seen it. I've also never seen My Cousin Vinny.  So he's been in 2 movies. Is that  his only claim to fame? What has he done recently? Anything? Anything?

9) Romeo (aka Lil' Romeo) - I've heard his music. Wouldn't have recognized him, he's not really a "star" in my eyes.  Shrug.

10) Sugar Ray Leonard - I don't watch boxing, but I've heard his name.

11) Wendy Williams - Never heard of her either. I understand she has her own talk show or something, but I work during the day, so I've never seen it and I don't recall seeing a commercial for it.

Maybe I live under a rock? Do I live under a rock? Is it just me or is ABC using the term "star" loosely these days? I feel like maybe they're desperate and taking anyone who will agree? This is just pathetic.  What is up with that ABC!? This is your list of "stars"?  I love your show, but COME ON!

Sigh. I'll still watch.  Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

EDIT TO ADD: This line-up is almost as laughable as Skating With the "Stars".


Todd Family said...

Elizabeth! You totally have to go shooting! It's so much fun!! Kev's dad has like 10 different guns and they are all so fun to shoot!! We go skeet shooting and just shoot random targets at his Grandpa's ranch. Now that we have guns, we go shooting at other people's ranches too! :) So much fun! You and Tim should make a road trip to Utah pronto! :)

Laura Anne said...

Haha! So they're definitely using the term star loosely, that's for sure. Chelsea Kane is a Disney channel "star" so unless you have children, you're not likely to know that one. Brenda Song would have been a better Disney channel choice in my opinion (since the theme is at least one per season apparently), and she's done another movie project outside of the Disney realm recently too (The Social Network). Of the sports people, Sugar Ray Leonard is the only one I recognized. LOL. The only one I remotely like is Kendra! Have you seen her new show on E!? She definitely has her shortcomings, but with her husband and son she is honestly adorable.

Let's face facts, this show started with B list stars (Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, etc) wanting to resurrect their careers, athletes we kind of recognize, and reality celebrities trying to make a buck. It has worked well for some, and not so well for others.

Random Rants said...

Hey Elizabeth! I've never been a DWS fan - never watched it actually. I watch Wendy's show and love her - it comes on at midnight during the week (I'm a night owl!) I may actually watch it just to see her - oh, and Kirsty Ally! Depends (as always) on what else is on...LOL!

Jen said...

hahah I actually recognized most of the cast. Maybe I am just old. It's funny though...doesnt the show ALWAYS cast B and C list stars? Has anyone good ever been on the show? im not really a fan of DWTS but I do love SYTYCD.