Friday, March 25, 2011

Fanciful Friday - CB2 Items

Last night I had the luxury of surfing the CB2 website - a partner of Crate and Barrel featuring a slightly more "modern" look.  I saved a ton of items that I just loved and thought I would feature some of my favorites for today's edition of Fanciful Friday.

Isn't this ice bucket gorgeous!?  I have yet to purchase an ice bucket but have been wanting a stainless steel one as I just think they are so stunning and sleek looking.  This is definitely on my wish list!

I adore these wine glasses! Right now we have a set of crystal wine glasses (which I'm afraid to use on an every day basis) and some of the gorgeous Lolita glasses (hand painted and so quirky and fun - if you haven't seen 'em check them out!).  However, we only have 3 of the Lolita glasses so we really do need some every day wine glasses that we can use at casual get-togethers for my wino friends (haha totally kidding - sorta).  I saw these and just love them! What do you think of the unique square look?

Another stunning stainless steel piece - a wine bucket.  Swoon.  This would be the perfect addition to your dining room table on that special occasion.

Okay so I just thought these "tooth" picks were too funny and unique! Definitely a conversation starter.  I love on the box it states "for pickin' and dippin".  Smart - you can scoop your own dip instead of using a spoon. Very clever indeed.

Yep, another stainless steel look that I love - I just love the shape and style of these awesome snack bowls! Don't you!?

HAHAHAH! I need these.  Totally. I want to put exclusively use these Blah blah blah post-its for work. Please!?

Again another funny item for sale - I think this Bar Bingo would definitely liven up anyone's bar experience.  I could see my friends and I having a grand ole time with this. 

I certainly hope my husband is keeping up with my Fanciful Friday posts.  My birthday is coming up (well it's in June).  Hehe.


Emily said...

June? That gives you plenty of time to give him PLENTY of inspiration. The end of May you can do a first quarter wrap up of all your favorites! LOL

Elizabeth said...

@ Emily - ROFL! I love that idea!