Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My DWTS Review

So last night was the 2 hour premier of ABC's Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).  You can see my previous post about the "stars" here, detailing my reaction after the "stars" were announced.  I was actually pleasantly surprised last night.  Although few of the "stars" have the "star" quality, the overall talent was much more than past seasons where only a few contestants performed well in week one.  Here is my recap/review:

1) Chelsea Kane - Okay, so is it just me or did she bare a remarkable resemblance to Julianne Hough!? Okay, anyways, on to the dancing.  I thought she did pretty darn well, she looked great, graceful and knew most of the steps.  I'd say she has a lot of potential.  It's hard going first, not only because of nerves, but also because by the end of the 2 hours a lot of people may have forgotten about her, I just hope they didn't forget to vote because I'd like to see her stick around.  I also have to say that with Derek Hough out, Mark Ballas is my fave male pro and they make an adorable couple!! You can watch the dance here.

2) Chris Jericho - I liked his personality a lot and I think he did "okay".  It wasn't great, it may have bordered on "good" but it wasn't terrible.  I'd like to see him come back as well. Although I don't necessarily love Cheryl Burke's personality, she's a talented dancer and choreographer and it seems that she always makes it pretty far due to that talent, so I expect they'll stick around for a while. You can watch the dance here.

3) Hines Ward - Okay he is adorable. ADORABLE.  His smile just makes me smile.  I just want to put him in my pocket and bring him to work with me so that I will have a more cheerful day.  His dance was fun, entertaining, and I laughed the whole time.  I wasn't laughing at him, I was laughing because I was having fun watching him have fun.  He looked like he was enjoying every minute of it and that's so great to see.  The boy's got moves! I think he did good bordering on great.  I think he's definitely a contender.  I hope he can do the graceful slow/boring dances like the waltz though.  I think the cha-cha was great for him because it let his fun personality shine through. Let's face it, his pro partner, Kym Johnson is a looker! You can watch the dance here.

4) Kendra Wilkinson - She wasn't as bad as I thought (and secretly hoped) that she was going to be.  Although she did make a reference to her being a stripper which made me LOL.  I think Louis van Amstel is the perfect fit for her.  She did okay.  It wasn't great, it was good/okay.  She has the hip moves and a good confident personality, she needs to work on cleaning up the footwork.  I hate to say this, but I hope to see her back because I think she has potential.  You can watch the dance here.

5) Kirstie Alley - I definitely thought she was going to be bad and I was pleasantly surprised.  I think she worked it.  Good bordering on great.  I think she'll go far in the competition, not only because she can dance, but also because she probably is a fan favorite being the closest to a "star" on the show.  Maybe this will be better than Jenny Craig for her too? You can watch the dance here

6) Mike Catherwood - Okay he was pretty terrible.  Definitely the worst guy, and probably the worst of everyone.  Bummer because I like Lacey, she often brings a younger and funkier vibe to the show with a little different style of choreography, but I don't think that she can work miracles with Psycho Mike enough to make him stay much longer than maybe next week, MAYBE, if he's lucky.  Poor Lacey, if you recall she also had Steve-O who was worse, if that's possible.  I do have to interrupt this dancing commentary to say WTF about her hair though. Roots much? Seriously? It was bad.  BAD!  Get your hair done Lacey! You can watch the dance here.

7) Petra Nemcova - She did pretty well.  Good even.  I think the dance worked for her as she is graceful and beautiful.  I'm nervous to see her do any kind of Latin dance though, which may not be her fault considering her limited mobility due to a previous injury (broken pelvis).  I don't know how long she will last, but I think if she keeps getting lucky with ball room dances such as the Waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, etc., she might be able to slide by.  I do like Dimitry.  I've liked him since he was on SYTYCD (yum he needs to take off his shirt more).  Anywho, you can watch the dance here.

8) Ralph Macchio - Fabulous.  Absolutely fabulous.  I have never seen the karate kid, so I only vaguely knew who this was, but I think he was the best dancer of the night, hands down.  The judges apparently agreed with me (smiles smugly).  I don't usually love Karina's choreography, so I hope she steps it up and they make it far.  I hope to see him in the finals.  You can watch the dance here.

9) Romeo (aka Lil' Romeo) - Well, he did better than his dad (Master P), but that's not saying much. LOL.  He did okay.  I feel like he wanted to be too "cool" rather than actually learn the dance.  He was afraid to let loose and have fun with it (like Hines Ward did).  I think he could be good if he loosened up a bit and did the moves (hips and everything).  I really hope he steps it up because I love love love Chelsie Hightower.  Not necessarily from this show, but she is one of my faves from SYTYCD, so I automatically love her here too.  You can watch the dance here.

10) Sugar Ray Leonard - He did surprisingly well as well.  I would say it was pretty good actually.  He was another person who actually looked like he was having fun, which I feel is important in dance.  I like Anna, but again I don't always love her choreography or personality.  I hope they do well, I'd like to see them stay for a while. You can watch the dance here.

11) Wendy Williams - Yep she was bad.  Not as bad as psycho Mike, but bad nonetheless.  Either her or Mike should definitely get the boot this week.  I feel bad for Tony, I feel like he often gets stuck with bad dancers.  Poor guy, I like him.  She was so bad I actually couldn't find a working link on youtube for her dance. Bahaha.  You can watch the full episode of the premier of DWTS on ABC's website here - she was the second dancer.

So who is your favorite (male and female) after watching the premier?  Who do you think should go?

My fave male is definitely Ralph Macchio and my fave female might actually be Kirstie Alley. Psycho Mike or Wendy Williams need to get the boot.  Stat.


Amy Musser said...

Loved the premiere...of course I wasn't as down after the announcement of the cast as most people have seemed to be. I love Kendra from her show and have always loved Psycho Mike. I agree with the best of the night being Ralph and Kirstie, and the worst are definitely Mike and Wendy. I liked HInes Ward, but his pants were bothering me the entire time, making it difficult to watch him dance...it looked like they were riding up real bad! Very excited for this season!

Jennifer said...

Hi Elisabeth! So wonderful to read your post on my blog and you are right about the card and Lori. She was my inspiration.

I watched DWTS last night too (I NEVER miss an episode!!) Your review is exactly what I thought as well.

I'll go out on a limb and predict that Mike Catherwood will get the boot next week. I think he and Wendy were definitely the worst but I can see that Wendy has the ability to improve if she gets over her nerves.

Wasn't Ralph Machio a fun surprise? I never expected such a lovely dance from him...especially the first night!