Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Five - Why I'm Awesome

So I recently started following a hilariously awesome blog called Superlegal Fun in which she recently had a series of posts about various awesome people, etc.  I decided today's Friday Five would be FIVE reasons why I am awesome.  Yep, you read that right, why I AM AWESOME. 

Am I doing this to toot my own horn or to snap myself out of some horrible depression by making myself look at all of the good things about myself? Eh, not really.  I'm doing this so you, my faithful follower/reader can learn a little bit more about me.  Although if you're already a follower/reader you probably already know how awesome I am, so it's kind of like preaching to the choir, but I'll carry on.

1) I have a victory dance that I do when I sing the "I told you so" song.  It's similar to Carlson's dance from Fresh Prince of Bell Air.  It has been perfected over many years.  My favorite time to do said dance is to either a) the Associate attorney who works with me, fresh out of law school whom I, a paralegal, know more than about anything related to Family Law, or in some cases law in general; or b) my husband. 

2) I have won awards in the past for things such as - 1st Place jump rope competition in the 1993 girl scout olympics - regional (I know you're jealous), 2nd Place jump rope competition in the 1994 girl scout olympics - regional, 1st Place jump rope competition in the 1995 girl scout olympics - regional, 1st place in Math Field Day partners mental gymnastics for our local school district (1996), 2nd place in Math Field Day partners mental gymnastics regional (1996).  Yep.  Like I said, I'm awesome.

3) I write incredibly nasty letters to Opposing Counsel for my boss's signature which he always signs, if nothing less than to make me feel good and so that I can say "TAKE THAT" as I send it on it's way by fax to an attorney who has gotten on my last nerve.

4) I rock at Buzztime Trivia.  If you don't know what Buzztime Trivia is look it up.  Seriously.  It's awesome, and I am awesome at said awesome trivia.  A few local sportsbars/restaurants have it in my home town and my husband or dad are forced love to go with me. I hold several local top records.

5) Because I said so.

Muscle flex.


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

Hi Elizabeth - love love love the header on your blog. I saw your Celiac disease post - I had a similar experience, ie cut out gluten, felt better, but then added it back in for 2 weeks for the Celiac test. I felt like crap from eating gluten and tested negative for Celiac's but then I went to another doctor who said I probably did not have enough in my system to know. Needless to say I did not want to go through 6 weeks of eating it to test again (which is what the doctor recommended), especially since I knew gluten was a problem and kind of did not care if I had Celiac's or non Celiac's gluten intolerance. I do feel like I have an immune reaction to gluten, which until recently I kept being told was "impossible" but then I read this article yesterday that was really validating:

Jessica said...

Love it!

Jen said...

LOL yep, you are definitely awesome!