Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Garage Sale Finds

The hubby and I enjoy the occasional garage sale adventures... and by occasional I mean almost every weekend unless it's raining or we for some ungodly reason have early morning plans or are out of town.

Anywho, sometimes we get some great finds, sometimes not so great.  I'm going to attempt to post my finds on a weekly basis for your viewing pleasure.

I find garage sales are a great place to find random crafting supplies as well as holiday decorations.  You also need to go in with an open mind as a lot of things can be repurposed to suit your needs and style.

On to the good stuff, today's finds.

We spent a total of $50.00 today.

I got all of the following craft stuff, etc. for about $18.00. A bird cage thingy (which I plan to paint and use for decor), a nice 3 strand pearl necklace, chipboard kids books (which I will cover and repurpose for mini albums), faux moss, 3 wreaths, Styrofoam balls, Styrofoam eggs, lots of lace, miscellaneous buttons, pearl garland, ric rac, vases, boxes, mini hats, a sewing kit, a football bowl, shotglasses, a plaque board, etc.  I can't wait to put some of this to good use! Here's a pic.

Tim got all of this hunting/gun stuff for $32.00 - 3 boxes of skeet, a skeet shooter, a shotgun cleaning kit, a gun rack, and a steel target.  Tim guesses that each of the boxes of skeet is regularly $15.00 with the skeet shooter being around $75.00 and the shotgun cleaning kit running at $20.00.  I'd say we made out pretty darn well - and put Timmy at bay for at least a month on wishing to to go Bass Pro Shop (lol). Here's a pic of the loot (oh and me - hehe).

Do you go thrifting or garage saling? What have been some of the cool things you have found?


Jen said...

Is it bad that I am sitting here laughing at all your "skeet" comments and obviously taking them out of context? ahhahaha

I wish I were a morning person, I would totally go garage saling all the time. I can't get my butt out of bed that early, though lol

Elizabeth said...

I laugh that that's the term too. I suppose we could also call them clay pigeons.

I HATE mornings. But garage saling is SO worth it. That's literally how I've gotten all of my holiday decor. It's awesome.

StaceyN said...

Omg I'm so jealous! I really miss going to garage sales. =( I don't want to go alone and Joseph really isn't into doing it. I miss going with my mom. *sigh* I love all your loot though! Congrats on great finds.

Amy Musser said...

Maybe in the future I will garage sale, but for now I am still trying to cut down on all of the stuff we have. Probably when we buy our own house I will get more into it! Love you finds for some fun crafts =)