Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DWTS - Week 2 Review - SPOILER

After Monday night's dancing episode, my opinion did not change that either "Psycho Mike" or Wendy Williams should get the boot.  Although I have not yet watched last night's boot episode (I Tivo'd it though and intend to watch it tonight), I was pleased to find out that Psycho Mike did in fact get the boot. 

Nevertheless, here is my review/recap of the dances from Monday and my predictions for the rest of the season.

1) Chelsea Kane - Like I said last week, she has a lot of potential.  I thought the routine was fun and spunky.  I think the judges were pretty hard on them in which they bashed Mark's choreography.  I definitely saw elements of the jive and applaud Mark and Chelsea for going outside of the box to create this entertaining number.  The costumes were great and they just make the cutest couple.  She has a lot of personality and I think she will, and hope to see her go far in the competition.  

2) Chris Jericho - Again, like I said last week, Cheryl is an amazing choreographer.  She can make just about anyone look good, including Chris Jericho.  I think he stepped up last week's performance and performed very well.  I think he could be a contender.  Hasn't Cheryl already won 2 or 3 times? Woman's got talent!

3) Hines Ward - Hines was just as adorable this week as he was last week.  I think he did great and I hope to see him go far as well.  Finals maybe?

4) Kendra Wilkinson - Eh, I didn't love it.  She didn't possess the grace needed the quickstep IMHO.  The footwork was pretty sloppy and it looked like Louie was dragging her around the dance floor.  She has zero flexibility (surprising for a ex stripper/playmate) so when they go into the graceful poses they just look awkward as she isn't even able to extend her leg straight and pose.  She'll last a few more weeks because she is a more well-known "star" but I wouldn't hate to see her go.

5) Kirstie Alley - She again impressed me with her talent.  She did great and I didn't see the missteps the Judges kept alluding too.  You go girl! I hope she reaches her weight loss goal.  I bet she sticks around as the fan base of the show is probably right on par for the same fan base Alley has. 

6) Mike Catherwood - He did better than last week but that's not saying much.  The only part he did well on in my opinion was the jive kicks - and I hate to say this but his kicks were better than any of the other guys performing the jive this week.  Everything else about the dance was terrible though, just like last week, so I was not surprised to read that they got the boot.  I am a little bummed though as I do enjoy the "hipper" choreography Lacey brings to the table.  Hopefully she will be back next year with a partner that makes it a little further. 

7) Petra Nemcova - They kept saying tall people can't jive.  She had the kicks down the best out of all of the women.  And dang she looked good. But some of the other parts of the dance were a little sloppy and she looked like maybe she was a step or 2 behind.  I do think she has potential though and hope that she sticks around for a few more weeks. 

8) Ralph Macchio - I was bummed on the Judge's response to his performance.  I thought it was fun and entertaining.  He could have been a little sharper on the kicks but I can't believe they said it was too much.  Isn't that what the jive is all about, being over the top? I really enjoyed it and hope that he keeps coming back.  He is a front runner in my book and I hope to see him in the finals.

9) Romeo (aka Lil' Romeo) - Last week I said I hoped Romeo stepped up and I think he did.  He allowed himself to let go and not play "hard".  He acted a little goofy and had fun with it.  I enjoyed the dance (and I love any song from Grease).  I don't see him as a serious contender, but I think we'll see him around a while longer.

10) Sugar Ray Leonard - I think he did okay as well.  I think the Judges are hard on him too.  Another person I don't see as a serious contender but I think will be around a few more weeks.  I love his personality - a lot of "stars" who aren't actually actors have trouble with the showman performance aspect of dancing, but he has it nailed down.

11) Wendy Williams - She was bad again this week, not as bad as last week, but still bad.  I knew it would be either Psycho Mike or her.  I hope she leaves next week.  She just looks awkward when she dances because of how top heavy she is.  Her footwork is also pretty terrible, but I did see an improvement from last week. 

Top 5 - I see Ralph Macchio, Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane, Kirstie Alley and Chris Jericho.

What did you guys think?

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Laura Anne said...

I have lost complete interest in this show, but I think from what little I have seen this season, your predictions are probably going to be right on. I just feel bad that Lacey went home so early, she's one of the ones that is really unique and likable.