Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That - Season 13 of Dancing With the [Quasi] Stars Announced

Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but I couldn't wait. HA!

I feel like a broken record as I believe I posted a WWUWT last season about this same issue.... Oh wait I did, you can check it out here.

Monday night the "stars" were announced for this upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). 

Yet again, the show has used the term "stars" very loosely.  Remember when they broke the story about how DWTS was trying to recruit A-list actors? Ya, apparently they failed.  Rather miserably.

So without further ado, I bring to you the recently announced cast list for DWTS Season 13 and my amazing thoughts on same.

Chaz Bono - So apparently this is the child of Sonny and Cher - and he used to be a woman, and is now a man. I've never even heard of this person. This isn't even a B list celeb - not even a D list - more like a Z list.  This is lame. Ridiculously lame. LAME!

Nancy Grace - Okay, I can't stand her, but secretly love her. Does that even make sense? Anywho, she's not A-list, but perhaps B-list.  At least she's not a local TV personality (like the local radio personality last season) - she does actually appear on national television.  She might be interesting.

David Arquette - quasi A-list although he's been out of the limelight for some time.  I'll give them some credit for getting him. 

Ron Artest - basketball player for the Lakers - nice. Athletes always do pretty well. 

Ricki Lake - is she A-list? I'd go with B-list. Doesn't she have dance experience? I think she will probably be pretty good.  My prediction is she will be in the top 3.

Chynna Phillips - Who on Earth is this? I don't recognize her photo or her name. NO idea who this is.

Kristin Cavallari - I thought that article (see above) specifically made fun of the fact that reality stars are NOT A-list stars and that they were LAME. I've never watched The Hills (that is the show she is from right?) and I don't like her because of the mere point that she dated Cutler, who I can't stand.  Cutler looks like an escaped insane asylum patient.  Anyone who would date him has to be desperate.  Did I hear rumors they were getting back together? If he shows up in the audience I might throw up.

Carson Kressley - No idea who this is either?

Rob Kardashian - So I didn't even realize they had a brother. This is lame. Almost as lame as Chaz Bono.  At least one of the 3 sisters are more well known. C'mon. Sigh.

JR Martinez - A soap star and Iraq vet - it does pull at my heart strings with him being a veteran and all, but I had no idea who this was.  I believe they picked him because of his disabled vet status to hopefully get more sympathy viewers.  He is definitely not an A-list celebrity. Not even close.

Hope Solo - So she was in the limelight for like 2.5 seconds when the ladies soccer went to the championships - had anyone even heard of her before that? I get that they like to have athletes on the show, but at least get well known athletes for crying out loud!

Elisabetta Canalis - so her claim to fame is that she USED to date Clooney? Oh and she allegedly was some kind of model? Not A-list. Not at all.  For some unknown reason I haven't found any of the past models to be very good - its like they have no coordination whatsoever - or maybe they look like bobble heads because their bodies are ridiculously skinny. Shrug.

So there it is.  The Season 13 cast of Dancing With the [Quasi] Stars.  Anyone else have any early top picks? Mine is Ricki Lake.


Amy Musser said...

You are so funny! Thanks for posting, I missed it last night. Pat is excited Hope Solo is in...he had a crush on her during the women's world cup. At least it gets him to watch it with me...her and Cheryl Burke. No pics yet, but I can't believe Arquette is on!!!

Mrs. K said...

Isn't Chynna that female wrestler? I'm embarrassed that I (might) know that. ha