Friday, August 5, 2011

Fanciful Friday

Today is going to be about furniture, not just any furniture, homemade furniture.  I recently happened upon the most amazing site ever, Ana White homemaker. She features TONS of furniture design ideas AND the specs, tool list, and instructions on how to make it yourself! Could like get any better? I think that it could not!

I have mapped out a design idea for my currently empty living room and printed instructions for my dear hubby on the furniture I would like made.  He has said that he will build it, the question now remains, WHEN? I can be patient, and hopeful.  So fingers crossed and I will post pics if and when any of these furniture items are built!

Click on the description to go to the link.

I also plan to have a pallet coffee table which I believe I have previously posted about and can't find plans to, but it looks fairly easy, I'm sure hubby can figure it out :)

Well thanks for looking! Feel free to browse her site and post here what your favorite piece is if you could build any of them! 

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StaceyN said...

That's so great that he can make things like that! My DH isn't so much into building but he's good with computers. haha If I wanted something like that made I'd have to do it myself which means I'm going to the store to buy what I want. lol I can't wait to see how everything turns out!!