Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tutorial Tuesdays - a diaper cake

I know that I have posted diaper cake ideas in the past - but as I was making my dear friend, Christy's, diaper cake back in June, I decided to take a few photos along the way and do a mini tutorial for all of you faithful readers :)


1 large bottle of johnson and johnson baby powder - or any brand, I just use this as its a preferred brand among most moms

A small round medium sized object such as a medium sized bottle, or bath wash, etc. for your top layer

2 large glue dots, foam adhesive, etc. to adhere the layers

1 box (80 count) of Pampers Swaddlers Size 2 - I use these because they have the least color on them so that your cake appears white, and most people get size 1 as gifts, so this way you know yours will be used for sure - both ladies I have made cakes for have thanked me for giving size 2 instead of 1.

Cake plate - cardboard or plastic, 10" or 12"

Rubberbands - lots of them, the normal size, not super large or small, brown so it doesn't draw attention just in case your cover doesn't cover them all the way

6 extra large rubber bands to hold each layer together

pearl head pins (this is what I use to pin the items on)

topper - something to top your "cake" with to tie in your theme

1 bag of raffia (any color) - I use this to add a little more texture to my cake by putting it between each layer.

Ribbon/receiving blankets/designer paper, etc. to cover your rubberbands - I use a combo of ribbon and receiving blankets, but may try paper in the future

goodies - goodies to adhere to your cake, they should be small, socks, pacifiers, gift cards, small toys, washclothes, etc. Anything too large will distract from your cake and cover your masterpiece!


1) Adhere your powder to the cake plate using a glue dot or foam adhesive. Adhere your smaller object such as a bottle on top of the powder bottle using the same thing.

2) Roll your diapers.  Diapers should be laid out flat on their back sides (like you were going to place it on a baby) and rolled tightly from one end to the other.  Then secure the roll by wrapping a rubberband around the middle of each diaper - do not wrap too snuggly so that it distorts the shape of your diaper. 

3) Start with your base layer by placing diapers one by one in a circle around the powder bottle - diapers should all face the same way, seam in (towards the powder).  Your bottom layer should have 3 layers of diapers (so 3 rings around the bottle).  Secure each ring should be rubberbanded using one of the extra large rubberbands.

This photo is an example of one ring around the powder bottle for my base layer.

4) Once your base layer is completed, begin your second layer, which will have 2 rings. (Note, It also helps to drink a margarita while you assemble these assuming you are not expecting yourself, as you may notice in the back left of my photo, HA!).

Base and second layer assembled.

5) Assemble the third layer as described above with only one ring of diapers.

6) Here is where I add the raffia between by base and second layers and second and top layer. I find it easier to add at this point so that you can tuck it in and it easily stays in place without any additional adhesive or supplies.

7) You know will cover the rubberbands by wrapping either ribbon, decorative paper, receiving blankets, etc., or a combination thereof around each layer.  Generally by bottom layer is too large for the average receiving blanket, so I use ribbon on the bottom layer.

8) Decorate your "cake" with the goodies by adhering them with pearl head pins or ribbons. Make sure they are small and do not detract from your cake. 

9) Add your cake topper and voila! DONE!

I hope you all enjoyed my mini tutorial, and feel free to check out my girls version of my diaper cake here.

And a bonus photo of the shower invitation I made for the same shower, which was rubber ducky themed - simple but fun (IMO):

Oh and more photos from the shower taken by other people who attended:

My friend Jen made the cookies, aren't they adorable!? 

I also made the little silverware holder. Geez I love my Cricut.


StaceyN said...

So cute! How exactly does a margarita help? I've never had one so I must know it's powerful benefits for the future. hehe

Jen said...

it's so adorable. You know I love it. Also, those cookies in the carriage are so cute!

Blossom inch said...

oh wow...I love that, you did amazing and I am sure the parents will be happy to receive those gifts.