Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That?

Have you ever noticed how dentists/dental hygienists/assistants/etc. LOVE to talk to you? Particularly they love asking you questions while they are working on your teeth.

I had a dental appointment (joy) this past Monday.  The dental hygienist was very sweet and friendly.  She begins the cleaning with her tools all up in my grill (literally) and immediately asks, "Are you married?"  Luckily my response of "uh huh" didn't require her pulling the tools out of my mouth, but her next question of "for how long?" did. 

I'm not sure why she didn't know that "or un eer" was "for one year", but she pulled the tools out of my mouth and looked at me all irritated like "why are you talking when I'm working on your teeth?"

YOU ASKED ME A QUESTION.  If you don't want me to talk, don't ask questions.  Or at least don't look irritated when you have to stop working on my mouth so that I can respond to YOUR question! What's up with that? Sigh. 

I made the next mistake of asking if she was married - to which her reply was "well, kind of" and then I was forced to listen to her marital problems for an hour while she cleaned my teeth and checked my gums and took x-rays.  She was very sweet, but I feel uncomfortable listening to people's marital problems when I'm not at work (since I work in a divorce firm and all).  Keep in mind she does NOT know what I do for a living - but nevertheless elicited my commentary on whether or not I think her "husband" is controlling, or how she should respond to her friends when they call him controlling, etc.  I told her to listen to Dr. Laura's book, "The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage", and that only she could determine if her husband was just being a man, or if was actually overstepping his role and attempting to control her. 

My husband and I are currently listening to this book on audio.  Each night at dinner we listen to about a half hour of it together.  It's interesting - talking about the male and female roles in a marriage/relationship.  Although I may not agree with everything that is said, I have learned a lot and she makes a lot of good points.  Anyways, totally got off on a tangent - maybe I'll post about this book in another post when I'm all done.

Back to the subject - is it just my dental hygienist that does this, or is this a universal problem?

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StaceyN said...

haha I get asked questions too but usually they're yes/no questions. If it's another type of question they've never gotten annoyed with me for trying to answer. lol

My favorite marriage video/talk is Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. Joseph hasn't watched any of it but I have on my own. The guy is really entertaining and although I don't agree with everything it was worth watching. =)

Sorry you had to deal with her talking about her marriage issues. I guess that's what happens when you can't actually talk back. lmao