Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!?

Today's topic will be volunteerism.  I am involved in a wonderful community service organization for women.  It is a national organization known as Junior League (you can check out their website here).  I am involved in my local chapter and have been for the past 5 years. 

My frustration today is with the lack of follow through of people.  I understand this is a volunteer organization, but that is exactly what the organization relies on, volunteers.  Things come up, personal circumstances change, I get that...... but if you volunteer to handle something, and you are no longer able to handle that responsibility, notify someone immediately.  What ever happened to common courtesy? Don't just fall off the face of the planet - what's up with that!?  Not only is that frustrating, but it's a great disappointment and let down - people (and projects) were relying on your contribution that you said you would do. 

We start a new fiscal year in June, I do hope that there is a change. This is by no means a bash of the organization, as I truly do love the organization and what it stands for, it is more a bash of the trend in some people's failure to follow through on commitment.  This is just a few people, not a representation of the entire League, but in such a small league, we rely on each and every person, and even just one person dropping the ball so to speak, sucks.  I wouldn't mind if you told me as soon as you found out something changed and you were no longer able to commit, which would give us time to find someone else to fill your role - the problem is in not following through and not telling anyone about it. 



StaceyN said...

I completely agree with you! Things come up and I'm sure everyone understands that but how hard is it to let others know? There are some things that can happen where you aren't able to let others know but most of the time it's just a lack of courtesy. =(

I do think it's wonderful that you volunteer. I'm sure it means so much to those you help. ♥

Random Rants said...

Hi Elizabeth - I was just talking about something similar the other day with my hubby...

What ever happened to keeping your word? Remember when you shook on something and gave your word, it was done? No if, ands or buts about it. People had pride and when they said something and gave their word, you knew it would be done.

I think that goes hand in hand with follow through. Maybe it's just plain laziness? My guess is as good as yours!