Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Faith

My husband and I recently started attending a wonderful church, South Hills, in Corona, CA.  Not only is it a new church for my husband and I, but church is new all together for the both of us. 

Shortly after we got married we thought about how blessed we are and decided that we should start attending church.  Neither of us grew up in a family that attended church, so we in kind of blind.  Our church offered a class called First Steps which was basically an intro not only to the specific church, but kind of to religion as a whole.

Since about September 2010 we have been attending weekly and have greatly enjoyed our time thus far.  I recently read about a Bible study on a new blog that I am following (check it out here - Social Studies Momma).  She mentioned a Bible study that she picked up and invited others to join her in her study.  The book is titled For Women Only: The Bible Study (you can find it here).  Basically it is a book for women to better understand the men in their lives and guide them in providing the support the men need.  I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival in the mail and can't wait to get started.  Thank you to Social Studies Momma for the inspiration and letting me crash the party. 

My husband and I's new faith, I feel, has brought us closer together and has really taught us not only to respect each other, but how to love each other and appreciate each other on a new level.

I have also been volunteering weekly in the church's nursery since about November.  Although I joke that it's a natural birth control, I really enjoy showing the children God's love.

If anyone else wants to pick up this book I would love to discuss the contents of the study so we can learn with and through each other.


SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

This is truly a God moment! I feel so blessed that God has put this study before us. I know it's going to be good on good! Virtual hugs :D

StaceyN said...

I'm glad you're enjoying church and it's bringing you two closer to each other. =)

Laura Anne said...

I love that you guys are loving church so much! I really loved getting the opportunity to share a Sunday with ya! This looks like a good study, and I hope you'll share more of what you learn from it as you go through it. The only man in my life is only 4, but I'll be keeping this in mind if the Lord ever drops a grown up one on my doorstep. LOL! Hey! My mind is open! :)

By the way - Miss ya woman, we need to get together. Like for real.

Todd Family said...

So happy you guys are going to church!! It's amazing how close you become with your spouse when God is at the center of it. I believe if couples saw their spouse the way our Heavenly Father does, their wouldn't be divorces and people would be happy to be married. It's such a special gift I think a lot of people take for granted.