Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY - Moss Initial

I saw this on a blog I follow called Felt So Cute and had to try it out. I couldn't find a wood monogram "M" large enough to my liking so I recruited the assistance of the hubby to print out a big one on the computer which we taped four pages together to form an over-sized "M" which I traced onto a sheet of 1" Styrofoam.  I actually traced two as I am making one for a dear friend of mine who shares the same last initial as me.

I also don't have the patience to cut it out, so again the hubby used his awesome skills with a jigsaw to cut them out perfectly for me.

I love this man.

I didn't have green paint, but I had brown on hand and figured it would be good enough (the husband makes fun of me for saying "I will just paint it brown" about just about everything).

Anywho, here I am getting set up to start adhering the moss, which was a PITA, especially considering the fact that I am not super handy with a glue gun and am prone to burning my fingers.

Just barely started now.

Finished the front now.

Then I had to do the sides which were the biggest pain ever.

And here is the final product hanging up on my new wreath hanger on clearance from Michael's (sorry for the poor quality photo).

Thanks so much for looking.  It was a quite easy project - just quasi time consuming due to the moss and my issues with glue guns.  I rendered the assistance of tweezers at the suggestion of the tutorial which I found to make things much easier (and protective of my fingers).  Although I need some new tweezers now!


mcfury said...

You did a terrific job babers!

Emily said...

Looks great, I've been wanting to try that.

Jen said...

looks awesome. I love that your hubby helps you with stuff like this. You two are so adorable together! <3

Creative Ambitions said...

It looks great! I love it!!

Blossom inch said...

nice one!