Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

Today's edition of Friday Five is the 5 projects I would like to finish or at least work on this weekend.

1) Another Monogram Moss wreath (the one I made here is actually a gift for a friend).

2) A Spring wreath - I've been sitting on most of the supplies but haven't actually done anything!

3) A Spring mini album - I started this nearly a month ago and have only gotten as far as covering the chipboard and printing the photos. It's time to get started!

4) Some research into wooden pallets for some possible furniture projects - strange, I know, but unique.  More details to come if I find the right pallets necessary for the project. Oh and they need to be free or cheap because I need a ton! lol.

5) Framed Easter Egg made out of buttons - an idea from a fellow blogger who I will link the tutorial up to when I actually make it.

This weekend is the first in a LONG time in which I have zero plans.  Zero.  Well, other than church.  It will be nice to perhaps get some of these crafts done and reclaim my dining room table.  Although it would also be nice to catch up on NCIS......

1 comment:

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Good luck on all your projects. It would take me months to finish all those! Hope to see some completed pictures :D