Monday, November 19, 2012

Another fun wedding/shower gift idea

I shared in the past about my handmade wedding gift idea (search under the wedding label for my past post).  I wanted to share another fun and easy idea.  I love to give this as a bridal shower gift.  I know lingerie is fun to give, but I also like to give something for the home (something off their registry) as I remember how awesome it was to get stuff of your registry.  Soooo....... I thought I would just combine the two.

Below you will find an example of said gift - I get them either their champagne, wine, or really any type of their glasses that they registered for and put a pair of sexy panties in each glass.  Thanks for looking and I hope this post inspires you for a future bridal shower gift!

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Leslie F. said...

My BFF just got engaged a couple days ago... I will be doing this as one of her gifts! Thank you for sharing this great idea!