Friday, July 1, 2011

My 26 Before 27

I meant to post this on my 26th birthday (June 7th) but I was MIA to the blogging world, so here it comes now, nearly a month late.  These are 26 things I would like to accomplish prior to my next birthday.  Thanks for reading!

My 26 Before 27

1)      Furnish the Family Room
2)      Complete the Office/Craft room (heck get STARTED on the Office/Craft room)
3)      Lose 20 lbs. and keep it off
4)      Commit to at least one real “date night” a month with my husband
5)      Scrapbook more (ummmm pretty sure I am about 4 years behind)
6)      Learn how to bake bread (using my fabulous bread maker)
7)      Learn how to make ice cream (using my fabulous ice cream maker)
8)      Get $10k in savings
9)      Stain the dining room table
10)  Stain the china hutch
11)  Go on at least 2 weekend getaways with my husband “just because” (other than Vegas)
12)  Visit a CA lighthouse
13)  Plan a cruise
14)  Get a couple’s massage
15)  Read at least 12 books (hey that’s only 1 a month, totally do-able!)
16)  Remodel the guest bathroom
17)  Bake more (for the husband of course)
18)  Throw a murder mystery dinner party at our house
19)  Pay off all of our debt (including hubby’s car loan)
20)  Successfully grow some kind of vegetable (thus far they have all died!)
21)  Replace our refrigerators with energy efficient appliances
22)  Learn how to use my husband’s ipad (it’s totally foreign to me…. oh I guess this would also mean he would have to let me play with it, I’ll have to pry it from his fingers!)
23)  Try one new wine per month to expand our very narrow wine experience/appetite
24)  Eat more vegetables.
25)  Take 1 bubble bath per week to unwind.
26)  Blog more!


Amy Musser said...

You can do it!!! i would't mind going to a dinner mystery party =)

Jen said...

That's a great list!!

StaceyN said...

I LOVE your list! We have an ice cream maker and bread maker as well. We've used it a bit before but now that we have a tiny kitchen I just don't want to deal with it. lol I hope you're able to get your whole list done! Also I didn't know I was older than you. hehe =)