Monday, June 27, 2011


I do apologize - I cannot believe I have been MIA for over two months! Where has the time gone!? Well a brief update/explanation and I am hopeful I will be back posting regular blogs now. 

My husband was in Japan for 3 weeks for work.  Having had a recent break in at my residence it was somewhat nerve-racking, but all is well and he is home safe now. He also spent four of the last six weeks working down South at a military base in which he stayed down there only coming home on weekends.  I am hopeful that he does not have another work related trip for a bit.

Our vacation planned for May 27th through June 8th was cancelled.  We had planned to visit my grandparents in Maine and just a few short weeks (on May 9th) he passed away.  We have rescheduled our trip for later this month in which we will be going to Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Michigan (where the hubby's family is from and we will be attending his cousin's wedding). 

I HAVE been crafting just a bit and will try to get some pics up soon.  I'm also trying out some new recipes from my favorite - Martha Stewart, and will review those soon as well. 

My biggest distraction has been genealogy research.  Many years ago I had started doing some research on my family tree in an attempt to become a member of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  With the passing of my grandfather, it renewed my interest in my genealogy when I received some photo albums of his childhood and those of his parents whom I had never met.  It's actually quite addicting and I've spent countless hours doing this research.  I have a new membership on and have been loving the discoveries I've come across - my favorite being passport applications from the early 1900's of various ancestors of mine which include photos! Way cool!

Well I'm back - hopefully I did not lose all of my followers! HA!


Blanca said...

lol don't worry, I am now following **cough stalking cough* you.
Kittie ;) *aka Blanca*

Jen said...

Omg u have to tell me where you found the passport photos/ apps! That is so awesome. Also, my hubby is totally addicted to now lol

Jen said...

P.S. I am so glad you are "back". I've really missed reading your posts!