Monday, June 27, 2011

Dinner 6/26/11

My husband and I have decided (like we have many other times, lol) that we will once again make an effort to eat more healthy meals when we are at home.  Last night was the first home cooked meal with this goal in mind and I am quite pleased how it turned out.

Pictured above is our meal of shrimp lettuce wraps and a peach-basil-onion salad.  You can also see the bottom of my glass of lemonade with vodka and mint. 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I thought we could enjoy a fresh summery meal on the back patio.  I had jotted down some notes of my first edition of Martha Stewart Living (June 2011) courtesy of my friend Jenny, which had some splendid menu ideas.

I made the summer mayonaise which I coated the shrimp with and we then wrapped in butter lettuce.  I also found the peach-basil-onion salad recipe from the same magazine.

Martha also had a recipe for a delightful lemonade and suggested the addition of mint and vodka for a cool cocktail.  We have a fully blooming lemon tree in the backyard, so the husband picked about 20 lemons, juiced them, and then I got to work on following Martha's easy-to-follow recipes.

The meal was a complete hit.  The only change for next time will be that we will BBQ the shrimp with some seasoning first as it needed just a bit more flavor.

The summery mayo made A TON - I was so amazed that making your own mayo was so easy by the way.  I made tuna for my husband and I for lunch today and we will have some Tuna salad for dinner tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading and I definitely recommend both recipes. 

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