Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to wish all of my lovely readers a very Happy Halloween! Our family tradition is to have my parents over, eat some delicious taco soup (an amazing recipe from my best friend's mother, Lori, who unexpectedly passed away a few years ago), and hand out candy to the throngs of children that flock to our neighborhood.  Last year we had well over 200 kids! Isn't that nuts!? On a side note, candy is EXPENSIVE!!!

We don't dress up to hand out the candy, but we did go to a costume party over the weekend at my amazing friend Christy's house.  It's their annual party and she is crazy creative with all of her themed food and decorations.  The hubby and I went as bikers from the movie Super Troopers (if you haven't seen this awesome comedy, DO IT NOW).

My friend Christy's husband Chad is crazy creative too and decided this year to unleash Battleshots! A play on the classic Battleship game where instead of pegs you have shot glasses (which we filled with beer, not hard alcohol).  It was crazy fun! Here is a picture of Christy (who was a princess) and I kicking the boys butts at it!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this evening! I'll post some more pics tomorrow of my exterior design.  I'll also give a final tally of the kiddo count for tonight (yes we are super lame awesome and tally the kids as they come)! What are you doing tonight? Leave a comment and tell me!

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