Sunday, September 2, 2012

Okie Dokie

Yep, once again I have gone MIA.  Well here is a brief update on me.  I left my job of 5 years back in late January.  It's been an adjustment and a sad time for me, but overall I believe it is a blessing in the long run.  It has allowed my husband and I to spend more time together and grow closer together.  It has allowed me more time to spend on my hobbies and to work towards being a domestic goddess (not even close to that yet though).  I have a lot less stress on my plate, but something that has added a bit more stress comes with the new budget of having just a single income. 

My husband and I had been talking about having children for some time now.  Since I left my job we thought it would be the perfect opportunity.  We were pleased to get pregnant during our first month of active trying (May).  Unfortunately we lost the baby at about 9.5 weeks and I had to undergo a D&C procedure on July 18th.  It has been a very trying time for us and I'm just now getting back in to the swing of things.  Although I'm still sad every day, I realize I can't hide out at home forever.  I can't ignore everyone forever.  I know that God has a plan and that it happened for a reason.  I am hopeful that we will be successful the next time we try.  I still have a break down every once in a while.  I will post more about this in another post a little later with some tips as I know that 20% of pregnancies have this result so I am sure I am not the only one going through such a tragedy. 

Without a job, I am now starting to craft a little bit more.  I will hopefully have some projects completed soon that I can share.  I will also probably share some of my new budgeting tips that I have acquired. 

Thanks for bearing with me the past few months and I again apologize.  Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and is reading this and to any new followers who have happened upon my site.  I hope you enjoy my past posts and look forward to my future posts coming soon!


StaceyN said...

Oh sweetie I had no idea. =( I'm so sorry. *hugs* I'm glad to see that you're crafting more and don't forget that it is perfectly okay to cry as much as you need to. <3

Amy Musser said...

Glad you are back!!!

So sorry you have been going through such a difficult time. I admire your courage to openly talk about such difficult never know who you might help along the way.

Love you!

Tina said...

I am so sorry to hear this Elizabeth. I too lost a baby quite a few years ago. It gets better but every once in a while my eyes well up. I have 3 beautiful children (all grown up now) but I can help but think sometimes how my little boy would have looked like and how he would have been. You're right, God does have a plan and I know he will bless you at the right time. Love you.