Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday's What's Up With That!? - Halloween Edition

Oh Halloween.  Apparently I live in the "go to" neighborhood.  Parents are literally dropping their children off in our neighborhood - I'm not sure why - I live in an average neighborhood, nothing fancy.  Shrug. 

Last year we had two hundred and twenty-something trick or treaters - this year 177.  It take A LOT of candy to feed these people. 

With that said, here are a few things that really grind my gears.

1) Parents with infants with bags for candy - who is that candy really for?
2) Teens who are way to old to be trick or treating anyways.
3) Kids/teens/etc. who are trick or treating and don't even put the effort into dressing up - like NO costume at all.
4) kids who come to my house multiple times.
5) people who step into your house or start asking questions about your house while peering into your house. 

Our front room is STILL empty - you don't know how many people were like, "why don't you have any furniture?" We just ignored the questions, but I wanted to respond with one of the following:
a) Why are you looking in my house?
b) We had to sell it all to buy all of you candy!

I had heard some lovely suggestions for next year.
- you know those signs at Disneyland that say "you must be this tall to ride this ride" - how about reverse that? you cannot be taller than this sign to trick or treat here.
- have two buckets - 1 bucket for the appropriate trick or treaters filled with the good stuff.  the other bucket for the parents, teens, or people who do not even try to dress up filled with used gum and erasers. haha. 

Okay, I won't really do any of that, but c'mon! What's Up With That!?


StaceyN said...

Aww come on you know the eraser idea is awesome!! I'd so do that. haha

Maybe a sign that says "No costume No treat" since they could AT LEAST dress up for Halloween. I mean dressing up is the best part. =P

Oooh ooh for those who come multiple times give them a dollar store toothbrush. lmao

Jen said...

hahaa yes, you could totally have a separate bowl with raisins and crap. My hubby always gives like big hand fulls of candy to the trick or treaters, but we had one group of kids come to the door who rang the doorbell like 20 times, one after another. I was like..."WTH? Seriously?" so he gave them like 1 piece of candy each lol.

I totally agree with the babies, i mean, they arent eating the candy...soooo? I dont get it. I dont mind older kids trick or treating, but it does piss me off when they arent even dressed up. I mean, you can always do an easy go to costume, like a ghost, a baby, or a hobo or something lol. Or just rub some dirt on your face and clothes and rat up your hair and be a zombie. It doesnt take much effort.