Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning my best friend's bridal shower - photo of invitations

As matron of honor (wow that makes me sound old), part of my task is to throw the bride, one of my best friends by the name of Caitlin, a bridal shower.  Together with the other 5 bridesmaids, we will be throwing a hopefully elegant event at my house next month. 

The first step of course is sending out invitations.  I saw this adorable idea from my dear friend Heather.  As soon as I saw it - back in July when she originally posted it - I instantly knew that this was going to be the bridal shower invitation.  I wanted to add my own flair by creating the bouquet with rosettes rather than punched flowers. 

The rosettes are created by punching a circle (I used a 1" circle punch), then cutting the circle in a spiral from the outside.  You then start on the outside and roll the paper all the way, and voila, a rosette!

Here is the final product (again I apologize for my horrific photography skills). 

I had the pleasure of personally giving this to the bride on Wednesday night and I was pleased that she seemed to like it.  I look forward to posting more about the shower as we continue to plan and create. 

On a fun note - you should have seen the bridesmaids responses (most of whom are not crafters) when I sent them a photo of Heather's card and said "this is what we're making".  haha.  Priceless.  A big thank you to Kim, Kamila, my mother and the mother of the bride for coming over on a Saturday night and helping put together 30 of these bad boys. 

TGIF everyone - we're off to Vegas!


Heather said...

I'm so excited to see you made this card for bridal shower invitations! I love your version too! Beautiful Elizabeth!

StaceyN said...

I looooove it!! You did a great job and I'm loving the rosettes.

Have fun in Vegas!!

Jessica said...

O.M.G. Elizabeth!! I think this is the most beautiful invitation I have ever seen! I can only imagine the work it took to make 30 of them too. Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful! You have to have one framed for her!!

Tina said...

Beautiful Elizabeth!! I was planning on making the same card this weekend. Love the rosettes!!